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Department of Aquatic Products Technology (THP) IPB

Since 1963 Department of Aquatic Products Technology (DAPT) was a division of Fisheries Production Management Department, Faculty of Fisheries, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). In 1983, it developed Department of Fisheries Products Processing based on Ministry of Education and Cultural Decree No. 0546/0/1983 and renamed in 1986 become Fisheries Product Technology. The establishment of Study Program of Fisheries Product Technology (SPFPT) was introduced in academic year 1982/1983. In 2005 with the policy reposition of IPB and due to the efficiency program, all departments were reorganized and this department once again was converted into Department of Aquatic Products Technology (DAPT). This department is one of five (formerly was six) Departments integrated in The Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FFMS) of IPB.

DPAT provides education and research on science, technologies/techniques related to aquatic bio-products and fisheries, and the ultimate aim is to offer its contributions to the society. The vision of the DPAT is articulated as follows: Vision: “Aquatic Products Technology Department becomes acknowledgeble in education and research as well as to become national trendsetter in the development of science and technology of aquatic resources utilization and processing.

The mission of the APT is to carry out undergraduate and graduate studies in Aquatic Products Technology major at the purpose of providing well-mannered, qualified, professional, and independent human resources. To expand sciences and technology as well as arts in the exploration, utilization, management, and processing of aquatic products through inovative, applicative, and productive researches which served as bases for the development of quality and reliable professionals who possess spirit entrepreneurship as well. To develop and apply appropriate technology in utilizing, managing, and processing aquatic products for the sake of society wellness.

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